What is StartMyWeb?

StartMyWeb is the easiest way to organize your favorite websites.

You can add any website or link and it will be saved automatically.

Try it and test the tiles. By dragging and dropping, you can drag each tile to the desired position.

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StartMyWeb extras

Over 10 million users use our tool as a browser homepage. You can also:

  1. Create as many tabs as you want

  2. Use Google from the Centerbox

  3. Use widgets for Twitter and Facebook

  4. Read the news quickly and easily by clicking on an RSS

  5. Change the Background


All my favorite websites

Your favorite websites organized in one place

Saved in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

Completely free


But...there is more!

Did you add your favorite websites and save them in an account? Then you can use it on your smartphone, tablet or any other computer.

That's the great thing about saving your favorite websites in the cloud!

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